Chef Caesar

These are some assignments from weeks ago that I haven't had the time to post yet.  There are actually 4 of these characters that I did but only these two came out decent.


Final grayscale pan

And.... while I'm at it, I might as well as post my grayscale pan.  Funny story: the night before the final coloured painting's due, I forgot all my files at school, including this drawing and some other painting, so I literally had to paint everything from scratch and from memory. Thats probably why my final painting didn't look as good as this one because it was so rushed and not as thought of.  That was one hell of a night..

Final LD of the year

playing around with form
here too
 So rumour has it that we get to choose one media that we want to focus on next semester.  I think I'm going to stick with pastel since it's all so familiar to me and how forgiving it is.  I'd REALLY like to go to life drawing way more often if school isn't so busy.

EDIT: also repost of some drawings from last year that I just found on my hard drive.  Still sucks how I lost a lot of my blog posts before 2nd year.



If only my actual paintings could be as good as my studies. Even then, if only my studies could be better.